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2014-15 online student information forms are now available to be completed by parents/guardians CUSD is continuing to make completing annual back-to-school forms simpler. Online back-to-school registration is currently being offered for the 2014-15 school year. This year, the process is even easier, with the online back-to-school forms available in Parent Connect, the district’s existing parent/student information system that allows parents to check grades, absences or tardies, cafeteria balances and much more 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As of July 28, parents are now able to use their existing Personal Identification Number (PIN) and Password for Parent Connect to access the required 2014-15 registration forms. Current student information is pre-populated for 2014-15 allowing parents to easily confirm or update their students’ information before the start of the new school year.

Every minute in class counts and Cedarwood is ramping up efforts to help students be in school every day.  All CUSD sites will contact parents if their child has an uncleared absence from school using the District’s automated notification system. Now, if your child is not in school and we have not yet heard from you, an automated call will be placed to notify you of the uncleared absence.  It is our hope that these calls will allow us to connect with parents more quickly when a child is not in class, ensuring the safety of our students.


When receiving a call from the automated system, parents will be able to leave a message notifying the school of the reason for an absence, but must remember to always end their recording by hitting the pound (#) sign.  This action will save your message to the attendance system so that it is accurately delivered to the attendance office.  You can also continue to call 327-6000 to notify the school of your child’s absence.  Thank you for helping us maximize our students’ time in class!




Cedarwood is a No teasing/ No Bullying campus. Parents please continue to talk with your children about the importance of always using kind words and speaking to others as you want them to speak to you.

On January 15 the Clovis Unified Governing Board accepted the recommendation of student members of the Inter School Council and the administration to end its seasonal restriction on the wearing of shorts by students. Members of the Board, in approving this recommendation, affirmed their continued support for the safety and behavior standards set by the District’s dress code; while agreeing that the area’s mild temperatures and the existing provision for allowing shorts during portions of the school year made this slight revision sensible. All other elements of the District’s dress code remain the same. With the Board’s decision, shorts will be allowed beginning January 21st. Please contact the site administration for clarification or additional information










Parents-CUSD would like all checks made payable to Clovis Unified School District not Cedarwood Elementary. Please put in comment line child's name/reason for check. example: lunch or jog-a-thon or event. PTC checks will still be made out to Cedarwood PTC.

9-12 Student body Elections 9:15 MPR

9-12 Varsity Girls Vball Tournament at CHS 1:30-4:00PM

9-13 Elementary Football Carnival Lamonica Stadium--Football report at 7:30AM/ Cheerleaders report at 8:45AM. First game for Cedarwood at 9:15. There is charge to attend. $3.00 for adults/$1.00 for kids.

9-18 School Pictures

9-19 CWD Home Game vs. Weldon JV 2:00/Varsity 3:00

9-26 CWD Games @ Cox

9-30 1st &2nd Grade Montly Awards at 2:50PM in MPR.

10-1 last day of collection for Jog a thon


10-3 Games @ Gettysburg

10-10 Elementary Football Night

10-10 CWD Games @ Jefferson




Parents-Please remember to bring an official note from any appt your child may have so that their tardy/and or absence is excused.